Yangjae Citizen’s Forest Park: A Rainbow of Autumn Colors

Yangjae Citizen’s Forest park is one of the parks in Seoul with the best sight of cherry blossoms. The park is not that popular to foreign visitors but it is known to locals as a common picnic ground. And who else will not like sitting under the shades of the trees of cherry blossom, ginkgo, maple, wild flowers and other plants?

I so loved the array of cherry blossoms here and if you haven’t visited it yet in spring, you’ve got to plan it out. I promise you, you will also be captivated by the beauty of this scenery. Hence, I revisited the forest park a day ago and I am again totally mesmerized by the beauty of autumn foliage. Really it is one of the best park this season to stroll around.

Cherry blossoms in spring.

There’s not much of special attractions here but it is indeed splendid this season because of the spell of autumn colors, the crisp autumn colors!

Located at Yangjae Citizen’s Forest in Red line of Seoul subway station and head to exit 5. Cross the road and enjoy walking under the magical autumn foliage. It isn’t that big so you can take your time walking and take more pictures you wanted.

Seoul Forest Park in Autumn

Autumn is on its peak! It’s again the best time for outdoor walk and to enjoy this season with crisp cool air. Well, actually it’s now getting colder everyday and very soon the spell of winter will blow in. The weather was fine and the sun shines brightly yesterday when I had another visit again in Seoul Forest park.

This park as the third largest in Seoul is a also a must visit in spring, well I believe in all seasons I guess. Every year, there are additional attractions and reasons to come here. Apparently, we’ll never know what awaits in our visit. Just like this years’ spring where I stumbled upon the tulips garden and it’s really beautiful.

As I walked and walked around the park, I really enjoyed the stunning beauty of autumn foliage here. So much to see and explore like the Eco Forest part. The ginko, maple and cherry (blossoms) trees are all in vibrant colors. Leaves that falls on the ground are even prettier to look at.

Indeed, fall is just another spring. And because I visited last Wednesday, a weekday, as expected only few people are around. Most of the time when you visit on weekends it’s always crowded. Still, hence the park is literally huge you will for sure manage to find a spot for your instagrammable photo.

There it goes, my landscape photos taken with my GoPro hero6 only. For location, no worries this park is so easy to find and accessible thru Seoul subway Yellow Line or Bundang Line. The name of the park is the name if the subway station itself, so it’s not hard to remember, Seoul Forest Park station head to exit 3 or (you can use the elevator) walk a few steps on your right then you will find the entrance after passing Understand Avenue.

Seokchon Lake Park Autumn Foliage

In spring, Seokchon Lake is one amongst the top destinations of locals and tourists for the beauty of “sakura” or rather, the cherry blossoms. Indeed, the charm of this flower that bathe the lake side in white and pink is truly lovely and worth an unforgettable visit during the season. On the other hand, if you haven’t visited this tourist spot in autumn then you’re missing a lot.

The autumn foliage is another grandiose here. As I stroll around once again for a brisk walk, I can’t help to stop admiring the beautiful scenery and feast my eyes with the beautiful crimson color of autumn.

I took the advantage of visiting on a weekday so my photos are almost no people around, yey! If so that you plan to visit on a weekend, a lot of locals are usually jogging and walking around this lake.

Here goes the rest of my landscapes.

Seokchon lake park is located in the southeastern part of Seoul.

Address: 05608 136, Samhaksa-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul

Accessible in Line 2 or 8 and head to exit 2 (you’ll walk and cross the pedestrian after passing Lotte Department store) or exit 10 and walk at the back of Lotte Tower.

All photos are taken from my GoPro Hero6.

Witch’s Kitchen: A Place for Your Halloween Dining

Halloween is approaching, let me guess…. you’re costume’s on, am I right? For kids, candies and chocolates or rather trick or treating are what they are looking forward to. Yet, for adults dressing up it is! Might not be all but admit it, it’s fun doing it so with friends. In Seoul, Itaewon and Hongdae’s club are always hosting a halloween party with the selection of best costume most of the time and these places are best if you really wanted to experience that party thing.

If not and you just wanted to experience fine dining in a halloween atmosphere, you might like checking out this witch themed restaurant, the Witch’s Kitchen at Hyewha station. They actually have branches at Hongdae, Sinchon, and Gangnam too. My Friends and I untimely come for this marvel, we just intentionally looked for a place to satisfy our belly and we tried it out. Never knowing that we were able to experience an early halloween treat and here’s what we got…

Not literally freaky yet spooky. A non alcoholic drink in IV injection that flows to the iced glass, tastes sweet actually. We had pasta with tomb shaped bread on top, a creamy one. We weren’t expecting that the resto was this perky. The staff are dolled up like Chucky.

Menu book is in a newspaper form and looks really cute. Witch’s Kitchen offers varieties of food selection but mainly pizza and pasta.

Take pleasure enjoying the food and spooky atmosphere you can dine in in your selected halloween costume, and even not halloween at Witch’s Kitchen…just take line 4 get off at Hyewha station and head to exit 4, it’s just next to the CGV movie house.

Namsan Park’s Cosmos Trail

A lovely day spent walking along the cosmos trail! Indeed a wak to the clouds as I climbed up through the stairs of Namsan park from Namdaemun market. Luckily, there was a festival going on last weekend and the flowers, roses particularly was displayed charmingly. Visitors once again, both locals and tourists were lined up taking pictures.

To this date, the festival and rose display ended but the attractive orange cosmos flowers are still on its peak. In addition, the fortress and sunset sight should not be missed of you are in Seoul this autumn season.

I so love this dainty little flower in autumn and it also comes in different colors in some other parts of Seoul. If yu want to take stroll in this park it is easily reachable from Line 4, Hoeyeon station, exit 4.Just follow the sign from the station When you’re out of exit 4, walk a few steps and turn left to the first corner. Walk straight to the end of the alley, it’s actually going up and about 5minutes or so. The way alley will lead you to the entrance of th park after crossing the big pedestrian. Here are the festival pictures and what awaits you from the top.

Enjoy your stroll and please share this link for others to know this beautiful place too.

Goyang Autumn Flower Festival 2019

Autumn is just like another spring and if you think that the flower festivals are only popular in spring, then you’re wrong. Korea has an equally beautiful autumn flower farms and festival too. In line with the much awaited color changing of ginko trees in yellow gold and maple trees in orange to crisp red, autumn flower fields are mere reasons why you should stay outdoors and enjoy the weather before the spell of winter comes. Lake park in Ilsan attracts thousands of visitors every year at Goyang spring flower festival and autumn flower festival is annually held there too, but not as popular as the first one though.

Maple trees starting to change color.

Halloween display as part of the exhibit.

We visited Ilsan lake park for the season’s flower exhibit on its opening day and we walked around the lake, literally. Oh, by the way the exhibit is of free entrance this time and set until October 13, 2019 . Autumn flowers in halloween theme are in display and its really pretty cute.

Been here for several spring festival but this is my first to see the autumn flower display. There’s not much to expect actually, nevertheless our visit was still enjoyable hence we stroll around the park leisurely.

It took us 3 hours of strolling (with rest of course!) and enjoying the scenery around the lake. Here are the rest of the things that you can take joy with your eyes and make happy feel photos.

Ilsan park is accessible by subway, the easiest way… take Seoul subway line 3/orange line and get off at Jeongbalsan station exit 2 (walk on your right and walk thru the park until you see the foot bridge that will lead you to the lake). The flower festival will end up shortly but for sure the colors of fall will come sooner.

Enjoy autumn!

Cosmos and Autumn Flower Fields in Seoul

After those long hot and humid days of summer here comes another season in Korea, the autumn. Everyone’s starting to feel the crisp air, less sunshine, a bit chilly night and those pretty autumn flower fields are slaying instagrams and social medias again. Yep, you read it right! What more could we do on a beautiful season between summer and winter than staying outdoors and take pleasure wandering around Seoul.

There are booming numbers of autumn flower fields and of course literally increasing reasons for your travel goals. For queen bees, flower beds are picture perfect! For
supportive beaus ever, here are your places to sound so romantic! Put on that walking shoes, your best outfit of the days and don’t dare forget your camera.

Here’s my list of cosmos flower fields and other autumn flower beds in SEOUL. Starting from the closest to most distant.

1.Yellow Cosmos Field at Olympic Park.

Direction: Seoul subway line 5 Olympic Park Station, exit 3. Walk towards the direction of the park and turn left after the crescent moon like sculpture. Walk until you see a bridge. It will lead you to the entrance. It will take you 15minutes on foot from the station.

or from Jamsil station (Line 2 and 8) exit 11… at the bus stop get on bus #3413 and get off at Olympic Park Rose Garden bus stop approximately 10minutes. Once you get off, walk to the intersection and cross to the opposite road.

2. Haneul Park: Eulalia, Sunflower and Cosmos

Direction: Take Line 6 to World Cup Stadium Station.. head to exit 1. Walk past the stadium to the parking lot until you see the main highway. Cross the pedestrian and continue walking on the side of the road until you see the World Cup sign. There is another pedestrian ahead of you, cross and you’ll find the way to the shuttle ticket booth or you could just continue walking until you find the stairs. Most of the people from the station will probably go to this park so you could just follow them.

3.Cosmos Flower Field at Guri

Jamsil Station Line 2…head to exit 7 (that’s the underground shopping center so just continue following the direction to the end of the underground until you see the escalator). Walk to the bus stop and wait for bus #1670, #1100, or #2000. Get off at Topyeong IC, it’s just right before Jamsil station, it’s an expressway and yes, it’s only 1 bus stop away. As you get off, walk forward to the pedestrian there’s the stairs going down. Walk to your right and you’ll see those pretty flowers.

4. Nari Park at Yangju

To get a glimpse of this park, take Line 1 (blue line) to Yangju station, head to exit 2, cross the pedestrian, get on bus #80 and get off at Haedungmaeul. Takes only 10minute ride.

And there you go, the best thing about these places??? NO entrance fees!

Enjoy and don’t forget to share this link. Let’s make people know these happy places.