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FILIPOS (Filipino Photographers In South Korea)

Are you a photography enthusiast and working in South Korea?

If yes, then try reading this!

As the innovations of cameras are rapidly altering, the number of photography enthusiasts is also rising.

This is so evident to a certain Filipino group based in Seoul.

HAnok Village.jpg

Filipino Photographers In South Korea, known as FILIPOS in the Filipino community was founded June, 2010.

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Commenced and guided by its framework; to practice photography in all phases, promote learning activities and share photography knowledge and experience, promote Filipino values and cultures through photography simultaneous to its promotion of other cultures to the Philippines.

The group’s purpose is to educate, encourage, and expand knowledge and capabilities in photography of its members, through participation and education regardless of the presence or absence of skills.

With its mission objective, to share inspirations & skills in all aspects of photography in an atmosphere of camaraderie and fun with Filipino communities in South Korea, sustained as the only recognized photography group of the Philippine Embassy in Seoul and its official event photographers as well.


Set of officers and committees year 2015-2016 with His Excellency Phil. Ambassador to South Korea (in the middle)……Ambassador Raul S. Hernandez.

From 60 pioneer members started out as a hobbyist on 2010 to 340 members as to date, this group had then produced professional photographers and others were able to establish a business of their own in the Philippines.

From an Overseas Filipino Worker to inspiration of success, following their passion in photography…..


Samuel Grado, a pioneer member and former FILIPOS president . An EPS worker from 2005 to 2012 based in Mariveles, Bataan has a successful photo studio.

Sam’s Image Digital Photo Studio  (check link for details of his business)


Ralph Marvin Aguirre, member 2015. Recently, with a finished EPS contract was able to established his photography business

Lightrato  (check link for details of his business)

Organizing photo walks, workshops and trainings, outings, joining international photo contests and other fun filled events were just some of their activities


Hanok Village Photo walk


Maskara Party for a Cause


Ehva Ahve Editing workshop

Active participation, as requested official photographers on various events, is its outstanding contribution to the Filipino community.


Incheon Community Pista sa Nayon


All for Juan Sportsfest

FILIPOS membership is open to all Filipino working and living in ROK.


So, if you are a photography enthusiast just like them, YOU are most welcome!

For more information, you may visit their website or send a message to their facebook account…..FILIPOS

Make memories.

Have fun capturing moments.

Be part of a family away from HOME.


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