Seoul Series

Deoksugung Palace after a snowfall





This is the sight of Deoksugung Palace palace after the snowfall.


Watching the snow falling from the sky is a moment so exceptional, feels like I don’t care what the people around me does.

I just want to stare, stare and stare while snowflakes are settling on the ground.

Thereafter, if you want to gaze the traces of snowfall check out for the nearest Korean palace, it is one of the best places to visit here in Seoul.


Trees covered with snowflakes shines dazzlingly adding allure to the scenery.


This is my first time to take photos of a Korean palace after a snowfall. Luckily, I was just around the corner and decided to head to Deoksugung, a Korean palace at City Hall station after it mellow out.

20160228_175012.jpg Perhaps this might be the last snowfall for this winter as spring is now just around the corner.

But who knows?…. there might be one more….and one more and more…..

Remember that climate change is just around the corner too!

Just when there is, make sure you’ve got to visit one of these Korean palaces for the best glimpse of this snowfall trails.


Take a pleasure taking photos, it doesn’t matter either you have a DSLR or just a cellphone camera…it’s the moment and memories that you’ll make… that matters!



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