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FEWA (Filipino EPS Workers Association)

Year 2006, FEWA was the first registered and recognized Filipino organization in the Philippine Embassy.

Comprises by those Filipinos working under Employment Permit System or EPS which deployment starts way back 2005.

As the EPS workers combat the language barrier, it is then unavoidable to encounter work related problems. It is to these instances that they seek help from each other thus, resulting to the setting up of this association.


FEWA’s main aspiration is focused solely on EPS workers welfare.

For its near about 10 years of existence in the Filipino community, they continuously serve and give necessary aid to its multiplying members.

All for Juan, One for All Sports fest 2015

Further more, SULYAPINOY , a newsletter containing information’s, articles and related events dealing with the Filipino community, is the official publication of this group.


Labeled as “The voice of the modern living Heroes”.


Administered by Rodney Queman as Chairman and guided by Prof. Jeoffrey M. Calimag as Editor in Chief. Sulyapinoy’s board of publication and editorial staff accepts comments, suggestions, contributions and advertisements submission on this email

Of course, an outreach program will not be oversight. 996896_10151629439638813_570020561_n

FEWA, is currently fostering Balik Tanaw Project…. “10 Won Can Make a Difference”….a gathering of 10 won coin handed out voluntarily by its members, various Filipino communities and other benefactors to subsidize a selected school from our mother land, Philippines.



For years, they were able to raise funds for school supplies, computers and even boats for fishing!

Elementary school recipients
High school recipients

Set of Officers constitutes Richard Corpuz (President); Cherrylyn Tolentino (Vice President); Joel Badulis and Alfie Raul Dapanas (Secretaries); and Roderick Dela Cruz (Treasurer) contemplating for continuous assistance.

FEWA Officers with His Excellency Ambassador Raul Hernandez and Labor attache Felicitas Bay

With the helping hand of Ferdie Javier, Alwyin Casiño, Robin Leo Maglalang and Teejay Piñon as Board Members.

As the EPS workers deployment deliberately heighten in Republic of Korea, FEWA will always be a boost to its fellow workers.

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