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Seoul’s Best View of Cherry Blossoms

Winter officially waved good bye, so what’s next? Of course Hello Spring! Cherry blossoms is one of the most awaited wonder when spring is in the air. “Sakura”, its Japanese name, when on its full bloom bathe the city in white and soft pink color. In Korea, it is expected to bloom by the first week of April and festivals will run until the 10th.

photo by: Allan San Pedro

The beauty of this modest flower gives a dazzling adorn to South Korea, making it as one of the major tourist attraction every spring season. Walking under the arrays of cherry blossom trees along the Han river, royal palaces, parks and every corner of Seoul is such a wonderful scenery and pleasure.

Yeuido Cherry Blossoms Festival

Here are my suggested itineraries for you to enjoy every moment under this adorable flower:

  1. Yeouido, the most popular in Seoul.

Get on your feet and head to Yeouido Han River Park with the festival that will start from April 1 to 10. From Yeouinaru station of Seoul subway Line 5, exit 1 or Yeouido station Line 5 or 9, exit 2.

photo by: Mikeo

2. National Assembly

Close to Yeouido is the National Assembly station of Line 9 proceed to exit 1 or 6, easy to locate as it is just at the back of this building.

Cherry blossoms behind the National Assembly Building

3. Kyunghee University

If you are yearning for a classical sight, then you might visit Kyunghee University at exit 1 of Hoegi Station, line 1. Take the bus to the university approximately 5minutes ride. This campus has a unique architectural design that makes it also a popular tourist spot.


4. Olympic Park is one great place for cherry blossoms too. This is far my favorite place.


From Mongchontoseong station of Line 8, follow the sign to Olympic park. Walk through the olympic ring and turn left, from there you can already see these array of trees.


5. Seokchon Lake enclosing Lotte world theme park is a nice place also. Located at Jamsil station Line 2 and 8.



6. Dongjak National Cemetery is an open memorial park famous with its weeping cherry blossoms trees. Here stands a lot of old yet fascinating cherry blossoms trees.

Line 4 Dongjak Station…exit 2 or 4.


7. Yangjae Citizen’s Forest Park a long line of cherry blossoms.

Shinbundang Line, get off at Yangjae Citizen’s Forest Station exit 5.


8. Namsan. Walk along the foot of Namsan Tower.



Enjoy another year of this wonderful season. Bring home tons of photos.


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