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TGFI: The Global Filipino Investors – South Korea

“From a spender…. to a saver…. to an investor. Believing to become financially independent someday is a motivation, helping others to become financially literate is an inspiration.”


Marlon Albao, an Overseas Filipino Worker in South Korea, believes that everyone must be financially independent. His advocacy to help fellow members of the Filipino community working in South Korea started 2006.

Of the same inspiration other OFW’s ….Melody Laudato, Ronnie Billones, Maryjoy Montalban, Rene Medrano and others had helped him achieve his aspiration.

TGFI team with Labatt Felicitas Bay of POLO Philippine Embassy

Affiliating with The Global FIlipino Investors that was originally founded in Singapore by Floi Wycoco, Magellan Fetalino and Dean Ibuna, Khristian Santos, Sarah Michelle Cairo, Rocelyn Sumalapao & Francis Simisim.

Through their efforts and advocacy they invited speakers from Philippines to give lectures and impart knowledge to Filipinos in South Korea.

His Excellency Ambassador Raul S. Hernandez supporting TGFI-South Korea seminar with Randell Tiongson

TGFI envisions a financially literate Philippines. It aims to establish communities in every part of the world that will strengthen the financial literacy of every Filipino.

With its mission to help Filipinos gain financial knowledge, understand available investment options to grow their hard earned money and achieve financial freedom they will continue to bring forward personal finance, stock market investing, real estate, mutual funds/UITFs, entrepreneurship, understanding the value of insurances and other financial matters.

Entrepreneurship seminar with Paulo Tibig

How much money you’re earning at present is not a guarantee of your financial independence in the future. Furthermore, in my opinion… you may only consider yourself financially independent if you are not depending on someone or something to get your bills paid.

With speakers Fitz Villafuerte and Manuel El Subastahero Alleje

Having a multiple source of income and knowing how money works for you will surely drives you to a brighter future.

The journey to become financially independent is not an easy one. It shall take time that will require discipline, perseverance, dedication and a clear vision of your future.

Bucheon seminar

If you are willing to learn about saving and investing, if you do know about these topics and can share your knowledge and experience, TGFI – South Korea welcomes you to be part of their purpose.


TGFI – South Korea with the partnership of TGFI Main will continue to guide and help you become financially independent.




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