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Jeuldusan Martyrs’ Shrine: A Palm Sunday Visit

“Visita Iglesia” or Church visit is part of the holy week practice of Catholics wherein devotees visit and pray in at least seven churches.

DSC_6067.jpgBut because Catholic churches here in South Korea are quite far apart, I made it a practice to visit Jeoldusan Martyrs’ Shrine, every year on Lenten season and usually every Palm Sunday.

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“Jeuldusan” was known in Korea as the “beheading mountain”. The shrine was built to commemorate the Korean martyrs who sacrificed their lives to keep their Roman Catholic faith.

20160320_174556.jpgAnd for a Roman Catholic, holy week is the most sacred time of the year, we remember the life of Jesus Christ on earth and commemorate His sufferings and resurrection.20160320_180637.jpgA lot of Catholics visit this holy ground year round to pay their respect to the martyrs, relics can be found around. One reason that actually makes me comeback here is the praying on the Stations of the Cross, which you can do if you’re going to pay for a visit too.

The Rock of Five Saints
St.Andreas Kim Tae-gon

This Catholic shrine is overlooking the Han River, located at Hapjeong Station of Line 2 or 6. From exit 7 walk ahead and turn left on the second block, just head straight in you’ll end up to a stairs that will lead you to the entrance of the shrine.

Jeuldusan Martyrs’ Shrine Museum
Station of the Cross




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