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Mukho Lighthouse at Donghae City

Mukho Lighthouse is the highest point of Mukho beach, a 10-minute ride from Mukho Port, Donghae City.DSC09177.jpgA 15-minute steep climb passing quaint houses and pleasing murals, but the top will give you a great view.DSC09181.jpg

A seascape of Mukho Port from the top.

DSC_4003.jpgA stone mural of different facial expressions. So cute!

DSC09220.jpgThese murals makes us stop for a while, gaze on its beauty and catch our breath as we head up.

DSC09224.jpgSuch an expression of how the locals make a living.


At the base of the lighthouse.


A charming cafe overlooking the sea.


A cool sea breeze will make you relax and be ready for a walk going back. Our one day tour to Donghae City was really a wonderful experience. These cool places are worth for a lengthy travel.

Mukho Lighthouse

This lighthouse has been a location of some Korean dramas.

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