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Mureung Valley

Mureung Valley is located in Donghae City. This mountain stretched between Duta and Cheongok mountains. Sheltering streams, waterfalls, diverse rock formations and a Buddhist temple.DSC_4008.jpgYou will find the entrance after passing an array of vendors and restaurants. It shall cost you 1,500won to get a glimpse of the valley.

DSC09229.jpgThis Korean traditional pavilion adds a nostalgic sight.

DSC_4013-Edit.jpgStretched in the mouth of Mureung Valley is a flat rock slab that lays as a resting place of the hikers before climbing. It has some inscribed short verses written in Chinese-characters.


An invigorating panorama of green trees in the valley.


A stone bridge that leads to Samwha Buddhist Temple.


The valley is such a cool place to visit when you want to escape from the heat of the sun in summer.

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