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Butterfly Garden at Seoul Forest

A butterfly for me, is a symbol of freedom. As they move from flower to flower, I pictured them as a happy souls wandering here on earth.


Hence, discovering this butterfly green house was an absolute felicity to me.Much more when I saw those closely!


If you are in Seoul, and you’re a butterfly lover just like me, a visit to this butterfly garden at Seoul Forest will be glorious.



They have different kinds of butterflies, from larvae to full grown.


The garden also comprises a variety of colorful flowers that were arranged in a dainty landscapes and so delightful to look at.


It is a 5minute walk from the entrance of Seoul Forest Park, walk on the left side of the horse’s statue when you’re facing those. Don’t worry you’ll never get lost as there are signs that will lead you to this garden.


You’ll find the stairs that leads to this butterfly entry.


Oh! By the way, the green house closes on Mondays, so never fall for it.


Nevertheless, Seoul Forest Park has a lot to offer, as it is a huge park…. you may also find an insect green house beside the butterflies. And if you still have time to move around…. there’s much more to explore.



If you’re planning for stroll in this park…. it is at Seoul Forest Station, Bundang Line (or yellow line) and head to exit 3 , get on the elevator…..when you get off…(at this moment, as of my writing) the main entrance is currently under construction so you have to follow the sign that will lead you to the other park entrance.

Enjoy your day!

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