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Spring at Bongeunsa Temple, Seoul

For a fine spring day, after those countless freezing days of winter, the only thing I love to do is to wander around and take a glimpse of those budding flowers.


Yes, there are flowers blooming this time already. Though cherry blossoms were forecasted to bloom a little late yet, forsythia, cornus, azalea, magnolia and even apricot started to show off.


And so, Seoul is now bathed in yellow and pink ambiance.


I headed to Bongeunsa Temple, since it’s close to my house and I’ve never been there before.

Jinyeomun Gate, the main entrance of the temple.

Bongeunsa temple is seated in the center of Seoul just right beside COEX. A millennial Buddhist temple with a long and rich history. A major tourist attraction and popular for visitors who wanted to experience templestay.

Jongru, Bell Pavilion

The temple has several halls that houses different functions for their diversified programs open for tourists and locals.


This picturesque temple provides two programs: the Templestay and Templelife.

Mireuk Daebul (The Great Statue of Maitreya Buddha)

Giving opportunities to experience Buddhist tradition of monastic daily life and purify your body and mind. Allowing a chance to experience traditional culture of Korean Buddhism in a short period.


Nevertheless, since I’m opt for a walk the scenery and weather were perfect. The flowers around the temple were such a great landscape.


If you want to visit this attraction, Bongeunsa temple is just a 150meters walk from Bongeunsa Station of Line 9, exit 1.




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