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Taean Tulip Festival and Ganwolam Hermitage with

Saturday, April 30… we had a blast on our day tour to Taean World Tulip Festival, which was booked ahead from

Trazy is a wiki travel guide for Korea for people from all around the world. They have a lot of tours to choose from including inside and outside Seoul.13140707_10204828354107824_1869739649_n

Our day with was really great, from a very organized bus arrangement, the so nice and kind Korean tour guide and to places we’ve visited. It was really a fun and relaxing day from a weeklong work.

Our first stop was at Ganwolam Heritage, the hermitage was called Ganwolam and the island was named Ganwol-do.

The name of the hermitage is directly tied with Muhak himself as it is said Muhak became enlightened while meditating under the moon (“wol” means moon in Korean) at the hermitage. At low tide, the Ganworam Hermitage is connected to shore via a natural walkway, but at high tide, the walkway is submerged and the hermitage becomes an island.DSC_7089.jpg


Ganwolam hermitage is next to this small but beautiful port.DSC_7056.jpg

Second stop, we had lunch at Baeksajang port or fish market located at Anmyeondo Island.DSC_7121.jpg

Along with the fish market is the unusual Crab bridge, from the name itself the bridge from a distance is shaped like a crab.DSC_7133.jpg

Our last stop was at Taean tulip festival…which is the highlight of this tour.13147628_1418602004832168_509133633621170887_o.jpg

Tulip is a classic flower of love. Such an adorable flower with a cup shape that shows of the sides of the petals.DSC_7268.jpg

Tulip festival in Taean located at Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea was selected as one of the top 5 Tulip festival around the world that includes Canada (Ottawa, Ontario), United States (Holland, Michigan), Japan (Honshu) and India (Kashmir).13112900_1418601834832185_2276898978272441962_o.jpg

This festival boasts a spectacular scenery of 1.5 millions of tulips. It was arranged in an elegant landscape under this year’s theme “The Garden of Artists”.DSC_7196.jpg

The festival was one of a kind amongst other flower festivals throughout South Korea.I had seen a lot of flower festivals in Seoul but this one is definitely stunning. Other spring flowers such as canola, digitalis and lupine are beautiful as well.DSC_0545.jpg Wish to be back by next year!

Luckily, with less traffic we arrived back in Seoul by 8:30 in the evening.

Indeed, a day filled with good memories and picturessssssss!13112900_1418601834832185_2276898978272441962_o.jpg

Thanks for this enjoyable experience:)

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