Seoul Rose Gardens

“Roses are red, violets are blue.

If you love roses, these gardens are meant for you.”


For most of women, rose is a symbol of love and beauty. And it’s no agitation that roses are heart-stoppingly beautiful and the scent is equally a show-stopping one too.

In Korea, rose festival is celebrated annually making your spring absolutely splendid and cheerful. If you love roses there are several rose gardens around Seoul that you can walk around.


Generally, rose festivals starts from middle of May to June. Here’s a list of the most accessible rose gardens, which I frequently visited.

  1. Rose Plaza at Olympic Park …… a 10minute walk from Line 5, Olympic Park Station, Exit 3.


With 146 rose species, this rose plaza is worth a visit. In, fact I’d been here in two consecutive years.


2. Rose Garden at Seoul Grand Park….. at Seoul Grand Park Station, Line 4, Exit 2


This rose garden exhibits an impressive sight created by some 30,000 roses with over 400 species surrounding the Seoul Grand Park Lake.

3. Rose Garden at Seoul Racecourse Park….about 15minute walk from Seoul Racecourse Park Station, Line 4, Exit 3 (next to Seoul Grand Park Station).


If you’re thinking that this place is just for horse racing games, then I’m telling you….you’re wrong! This park features numerous equine, recreational and convenience facilities that includes the Rose Garden with hundreds of species. Also with a relaxing picnic ground just behind the racing tracks.


4. Bucheon Million-Rose Garden……at Chunui Station Line 7, Exit 7. Take bus 661 and get off at Baengmansongijangmiwon (Million-rose Garden).


Source: Joe Yoon

More than 200,000 species and obviously a million roses in such a dainty panorama.


Source: Joe Yoon

5. Everland Rose Festival……. Jeondae-Everland Station (Yongin EverLine), Exit 3.
– Take the shuttle bus to Everland (Operating hours 05:30-23:30).

This huge park has four rose gardens in 850 full-bloomed flowers.

And there you are, you now have a list of weekends to wander.

Oh, in relation to roses…..before I forget!

Koreans have that so-called Rose Day or Yellow Day. This special occasion is held every 14th of May. Single or attached… you may like to celebrate it.

What do they do?

Couples can exchange fresh roses while single Koreans can eat yellow curry together.


It was said that, yellow is a warm color that allude to beauteous approaching summer and that will make the Yellow Day a precise chance to meet a new special someone. And maybe, who knows? You might meet that special one!


Wow! Isn’t it brilliant? Yellow is my second favorite color (best is green!) and now I have another reason to love it more.





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