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Daehan Tea Garden Popularly Known as “Boseong Tea Plantation”

Boseong Tea Plantation or Big Tea Garden was the name called by its local residents. The name comes from its meaning of big and consideration of the place name. But officially the name is “Daehan Tea Garden”. DSC_7976.jpg

A garden of about 5.8 million green tea plants in an area of 1.7 million square meters making it as the largest green tea farm in Korea. Adding beauty to this scenery are the Juniper trees, azaleas, Cedar trees, Bamboo forest, Maple tree forest, Yew trees and a Cherry blossoms trails. The place looks like admirable to visit all year round.


Daehan Tea Garden is becoming a favorite tourist attraction in Jeollanamdo, Southern part of Korea, apparently supported by the large numbers of visitors that comes every year.


This plantation showcases a magnificent carpets of green that’s so captivating and bestows a remarkable moment ought to be remembered and cherished.


A doubtless wonder of nature, it became a popular location for Korean TV dramas, movies and commercials.


Our visit to this place was indeed one of the best tours I’ve joined before, thanks Jung Hwan of Goh Travel Korea for this experience. Perceiving those beds of green was really a great moment to treasure.


Though the weather wasn’t perfect when we visited, as it is about to rain, the dimness wasn’t able to hide the beauty of the scenery and it didn’t stop us from wandering as well. We still have the chance to take a lot of photos and gaze to this attraction.


As we walked around and reached the top of the hill, the ocean of fog instead of the breathtaking ocean view embraced us. Yet, our smiles showed a happy day!


Maybe if there would be a chance for next visit, I’ll make sure it shall be a good weather:)


And oh! All the foods that you can eat in their restaurant has the relish of green tea and all worth to try. And if ever you wanted to visit too, don’t you ever dismiss this green tea ice cream. It’s so yummy!

Green Tea Ice cream


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