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Naganeupseong Folk Village

After a long travel from Seoul and exhilarating walk to Jeonju Hanok Village and Suncheon Bay Wetland, what else would you like to do than to wish for a nice place to stay and rest for a night?


Certainly, you’ll wish for a nice and comfortable place to rest and prepare  for the second day tour which is the Daehan Tea Garden.


And that yearning was indeed satisfied.


I never imagined that we had set our foot on this kind of traditional village.


We arrived in the village were almost everything was covered with darkness and time for dinner and since we’re all tired we were directed to our assigned rooms or rather houses. Retiring early to bed and a sound sleep:)

This is our second and last day of the tour that we signed in with Goh Travel Korea, we are of course excited as we woke up early.


We had an early walk, sunrise walk actually, around the village. Though our tour guide informed us ahead that the place is a traditional village, I just thought it would be like the same small villages in Seoul.


And to my delight, it is so different! There’s so much more to see.


There are numerous lines of straw-roof small houses and walls made of clay and stones. Literally, a traditional style!


By the way, the place is called Naganeupseong Folk Village.


Naganeupseong, according to Korea’s history is the only remaining Joseon dynasty castle in Jeollanamdo. It has the biggest feature that it was built on the plain fields and has the narrow stonewalls around the castle.


The Hanoks though very well preserved has a modern ambience inside which is so welcoming for visitors and tourists. Aside from those small houses for guests who like to stay overnight, the village has 9 important houses designated for cultural resources.


Surrounded by a fortress wall and beyond simply wandering the village is just simply historic and astonishing.


If you want a visit for this one of a kind village but you may not find an available travel tour you may try this direction if you are from Seoul. It’s a long ride but definitely no regrets!


From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal or Seoul Central City Bus Terminal.
Take an intercity bus to Suncheon Intercity Bus Terminal.

From Suncheon Bus Terminal.
Cross Suncheon3-gil st. and walk along Palmaro st. to the bus stop.
Take bus 61, 63 or 68 to Naganeupseong Folk Village. (50 min-ride)


We absolutely enjoyed our short stay….. I hope yours too!

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