Myeongdong Street Foods

When traveling to Korea, Myeongdong is always been on the list of places to visit of every tourist.

And who will not?

Shopping, foods, hotels, name it… this tourist spot has it!

Located in the center of Seoul and considered as one of shoppers haven. From fashionable wardrobe outlets, branded shoes stores, unique cafes and restaurant, hotels, museums and the night market.

Yes! Day or night either you’re for shopping or just wandering around ….this is a nice place to visit anytime of the day.

Every corner and alley of Myeongdong has a lot to offer. Making this as one of major tourist spot in Seoul.

When you visit Korea and you’re looking for an adventure trying these street foods is part of it.

There are lots of street foods that can be tried here.

Choose from Korea’s traditional street foods to some sweet treats and drinks.


dried octopus and fish flakes


octopus and squid skewer


sausage wrap in fish flake skewer


Korean meatballs skewer


steamed egg muffin


flavored potato twist


sweet rice cake and white cheese skewer


banana nutella wrap in crepe


strawberry coated in chocolate


fresh fruits in a cup


fresh coconut juice


kebab and ice cream

To visit this place..take Line 4 (blue line) Myeongdong station and head to exit 6.

Discover more and enjoy eating!

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