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Seoul Global Center’s Korean Language Basic Course

Korean language was never been easy. And it is much more difficult when you are just studying by yourself.


When I heard that Seoul Global Center will again offer the Korean class last February, I took the opportunity to make myself on the list.

The Korean class has three levels: Beginner, Lower basic and Upper basic wherein the 1st semester classes started at the end of February until June 19,2016, which was the commencement ceremony.


Classes were held every Sunday at 10:00 to 12:00noon at Hansung University Language Institute at Hyewa dong Station.

The 16 weeks of this course study motivated me to gain confidence in Korean language. Certainly, in addition our Korean teacher and my classmates are awesome!

Beginner Class

In case you’re interested to join this Korean class, the 2nd semester registration will start on August 7, 2016.

Lower Basic Class

For further details you can send inquiries to: Elena Delacruz the Assistant Manager of Daily Living Consultation Team

Upper Basic Class

This Korean course is absolutely free. You only have to bring a copy of your passport and an ID picture. An interview to determine your Korean level will be administered to every applicant upon registration or enrollment.


Seoul Global is an established center supported by Metropolitan government that offers a comprehensive service to foreigners living, working and visiting Korea.

Website:  Seoul Global Center

Appreciate the Korean language and you’ll have an easy life in Korea.After all, learning other language is always benign.

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