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FILIPOS: Basic Digital Photography Workshop at KPTII Korea, Incheon

Exceeding number of Filipinos living and working in South Korea are brandishing enthusiasm in the art of photography. Either they have that latest cellphone camera to that complicated DSLR.

Though they may have that passion, what matters most of course is that, one must know the basics of camera settings.

The Filipino Photographers In South Korea, FILIPOS as known to many in the Filipino community in Korea has this edge when it comes to photography. As a pioneering photography group, they had been initiating workshops on basic camera operations up to editing. Not only for their aspiring members but extending its perspective to other Filipino Community.

FILIPOS Photo shoot: photo credit…Vin Amacato

Recently, two consecutive Sundays of workshop was held at Korea Port Training Incheon Institute (KPTII) at Human Resources Department thru the coordination of Ms. Gennie Kim, HRD volunteer and a member of FILIPOS.


Karl Garcia, an active member of FILIPOS and a skilled event photographer, presented the basic camera operations, DSLR components, the importance of exposure triangle and the top 10 compositions on the first Sunday, July 24, 2016.


The second Sunday, July 31, was an additional information and presentation by Allan Lafuente, also an active member with a great skill in portraiture photography.



Photography is an extensive topic and comprehending takes time. One must know that you should possess skill and passion if you want to be a master of this art.

Nevertheless, “there are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.” _ Ansel Adams




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