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Penis Park in South Korea

Is the title bizarre? Strange? Peculiar? Well then, read more to fill in your nosiness.

This Penis Park is located in Sinnam, a small town in the south of Samcheok, Gangwon province east coast of South Korea.


Haesindang Park is its real name. It’s a park  built facing the sea that gives a total panoramic view.


Behind those erected penises lies a delicate love story.


The story goes that long time ago a young couple that lived in this fishing village was to be married. But one day a big storm came suddenly and the bride was stranded on nearby rock island while she was gathering seafood and the groom was farming on the mainland.

 Unfortunately he could not save her and she died.

The bride.

Suddenly none of the fishermen were able to catch any fish. They thought it must be the curse of the virgin bride who died not knowing love. They drank lots of soju to wash away their heavy heart and pain.DSC_9674.jpg

 Until one night, one of the fishermen relieved himself facing the ocean. The next day only he was able to catch fish. Another fisherman did and the next day he was able to catch fish.


 So villagers believed that if they erect sculptures of penis the spirit will not be angry and they can continue to catch fish.


 People continued to erect penises in wooden carvings and perform religious gatherings. The place or building where they perform was called Haesindang and the ceremony is still honored until today and continued as a traditional folk event.


See? Bizarre as it may be everything has a story. And this, beyond any doubt blows us away!






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