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FCIS Siheung Got Talent Season 2

Filipino Community In Siheung (FCIS) successfully held its second year talent contest at Siheung Migrants Welfare Center located at Siheung City, Gyeonggido Saturday, September 24, 2016.

FCIS Officers…photo by: Ericson Asuncion

FCIS is composes of a dedicated and hardworking officers that ensures the welfare of its members: President Dennis Santos; Vice president Joel Badulis; Secretary Nelma Maderse; Treasurer Mary Gane Parcon; Auditor Nico Manuel; PRO Dana dela Cruz and Tess Lee; Business Managers Buenalyn Gepana, Danica Alcontin and Marlon Miranda; Advisers Richard Fegarido,Marilou Mempin and Ademore Tablada.

And when it comes to talent, Filipinos are shining with it …. will anyone disagree?

The contestants.

The contestants brandished their talents in the form of singing, dancing, artwork and playing the guitar. The search was quiet tight for there is a diverse line of contestants with immense talents that makes it arduous to the panel of judges, namely: Gennie Kim of Woongjin Foundation (chairwoman); Leover Loyola, Landbank representative (tabulator); Luz Robregado, Secretary of Filipos; Princess Kate Corporal, Sentbe Marketing Manager; Cherrylyn Tolentino, Fewa President; Jeong Chun Ho, Atomy Cosmetics Branch Manager and Yang Beom, Cheonra General Manager.

Gand Champion… Verga Fatima Guingona.


Verga Fatima Guingona bagged the Grand Champion title with a trophy, gift items, certificate and 500,000won in cash.

Robert Capati…First Runner Up.


Robert Capati as the First Runner Up with a trophy, gift items, certificate and 300,000won.

Julius Gazer….Second Runner Up.


and the Second Runner Up, Julius Gazer, who took home gift items, certificate and 200,000won.

Winners of raffle draw.



Alongside with this competition that bestowed merriment to everyone, FCIS extended aid to one of its fellow member, the father of Marky Susim who had undergone a lung operation in the Philippines is the beneficiary of their fund raising this year in the form of raffle.

The winners and the FCIS community…photo by: Ericson Asuncion.


A community that helps each other is a community that grows together.

Kudos! FCIS, for such inspiring activeness.


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