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Migrants’ Arirang Multi Cultural Festival 2016 at Changwon, South Korea (MAMF)

The 11th Migrants’ Arirang Multi cultural Festival kicked off at Changwon city, it was a flourishing celebration of diverse performances and a brandish of culture that aimed to discern and share cultural values between Koreans and the migrants.

The participating migrants.

MAMF, started in Seoul and brought to Gyeongnam five years ago as it holds the third largest population of migrants and Damunwha families. Whereas the festival was triumphantly organized by Gyeongnam Migrant Center of Changwon City and participated by 13 countries: Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

His Excellency Ambassador Raul Hernandez and Hon. Jasmine Lee with the other heads of the migrants community.

Numerous activities happened that includes migrants’ song festival, academic seminar, concerts and multi cultural street parade wherein the thirteen countries showcased their cultural presentation.

Ulsan cosplayers.
The Filipino Photographers in South Korea (FILIPOS) covered the event for Filipino community with Hon. Jasmine Lee before the parade.

The Philippines team represented by the Filipino communities in Changwon: MACFFIA; KPMA; Arim EPS Workers; Daegu Catholic Communiyt; Miryang Filipino Community; Ulsan Cosplayers and Filipino Community; and the Filipino Photographers In South Korea from Seoul, bagged the First Place in the multi cultural street parade competition and received three million won, following Indonesia as second place and Mongolia for the third place.

Ms. Anna Sumayod organized the participants for the Filipino community.

Spearheaded by the counselor of Gyeongnam Migrant Center, Ms. Anna Sumayod’s overwhelming energy led the Filipino community to shine and win the contest for the first time.

Ambassador Raul Hernandez joining the street parade with the Filipino community.

His Excellency Ambassador Raul Hernandez and Honorable Jasmine Lee’s presence and support to the Filipino community were a boost to their eagerness and avidity to represent Philippines.

Philippine street parade performance.

True enough that with all those efforts and astounding volunteerism they brought the house done! The street parade was an outstanding performance. The Filipino community was so lively, colorful and exhibited that truly “It’s More Fun In the Philippines”.

The Filipino communities posed after receiving the First place award.

Congratulations and thank you to all those who participated and to the exceptional support that everyone had delineated.

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