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Night Photography in Seoul Thru the Lens of Garry Castro

Night photography is a hurdle of an aspiring photographer. It is quite challenging hence it requires apt use of artificial light and long exposure and the mastery of photography.

For Garry Castro, FILIPOS member since 2010 and with a keen passion in night photography, it is frantic and amusing chasing the colorful light trails of Seoul. He owns Canon EOS 5D Mark II and eventually his photography buddy.

Garry Castro (photo credit: Ehd Mallo)

Seoul is not a big city but with overwhelming psychedelic lights at night. Landmarks are beautifully lighted and radiantly gleam making it perfect for such night panoramic view.

Strolling in Seoul at night is one commendable thing that you must experience when visiting Korea and so capturing the glamour of the city with your camera.

Here are some famous landmark photos of Garry Castro which you may visit and enjoy the flashy blaze at night.

Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain is considered as world’s longest bridge fountain. (From Express Bus Terminal Lines 3,7,& 9 walk through the Underground Shopping Centre and head to exit 1, walk straight until you see a pedestrian, cross and continue walking until you reach the Banpo Hanggang Park)

ISO 50…153sec at f/22 35mm…no flash.

Sungnyemun Gate is the largest castle gate stone structure with an arched entrance contemplated as Korea’s number one national treasure.

ISO 50… 54sec at f/22…16mm…no flash.

Gwangwhamun gate is the main entrance of Gyeongbukgung Palace right behind the Gwangwhamun Square.

ISO 100…15sec at f/14… flash.

Mapo Bridge is about 1,400m long and 25m wide with 6-lane road and connects Yonggang-dong, Mapo-gu and Yeouido-dong .

ISO 50…f/16…15mm…no flash

Dongdaemun Design Plaza is a landmark with a solitary design it houses different stores, restaurants and exhibits.

ISO 50…73sec at f/22…27mm…no flash

Gangnam is famous for its hotels, restaurants and nightlife. Bars and clubs are behind those tall buildings.

Gangnam .JPG
ISO 50…139sec at f/22…15mm…no flash

Korea is so dynamic, day or night you’ll find reasons to delve and be entertained.

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