Seoul Series

Yongma Land, Seoul

Yongma Land is a bitty deserted amusement park in Yongmasan. It was opened as a family-friendly entertainment park back in 1980’s.

Viking and other rides. (photo credit: Ehd Mallo photography)

The park was then a hit to local families on its first decade and thereupon became quiet popular.

Carousel (photo credit: Ehd Mallo photography)



Eventually, Lotte World opened and locals’ interests drifted in this meek amusement park. This park was seemed forgotten but is now making a comeback …… not for its rides but the creepy and spooky ambiance. Since it has long been unvisited the attractions were mostly dilapidated however the owner maintained the place compassing a solitary backdrop.

photo credit: Ehd Mallo photography

Though it looked like forgotten and abandoned it became a perfect location for photographers and visitors on special purposes:filming and photography.

DSC_8310 copy2.jpg
Model: Diane Penalosa…’the Egyptian Princess” photo credit: Mark Samillano photography


Hence, Halloween is approaching a FILIPOS Halloween photo shoot was arranged and we set foot in this eerie park. True enough it was a perfect location for us. Despite the rainy weather, there are numerous locals visiting Yongma Land as we arrived.

FILIPOS at Yongma Land….. photo credit: Vin Amacato photography


Yongma Land is close to Mangu Station, it is about 15mins walk from exit 1 or by taxi in a minimum fare. The park is known to taxi drivers and just a few minutes rides.

Model: Kim HaEun “the Ghost Bride” …. photo credit: Chard Cruz photography

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