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FILIPOS: Photography Business and Workshop by Samuel Grado

An introduction to photography business and basic photography workshop was held for Filipino Photographers in South Korea (FILIPOS) by its previous president and a former EPS worker Samuel Grado  for two consecutive Sundays: October 23 at Bupyeong Atomy Center and October 30 at Damunwha Center Hansung University Station.

Samuel Grado on Basic Photography Workshop

The workshop aimed to equip FILIPOS members of the how’s of photography business in the Philippines and a hands on of wedding concept photo shoot on their last day.

Wedding Photo shoot Concept: Models: Princess Kaite Corporal and Evgeny Ten….(photo credit: Vin Amacato Photography)

Filipino Photographers in South Korea to some may just be a club of hobbyist photographers, but numerous members are taking it to the next level and that is …… getting to the photography business itself.

Wedding concept photo shoot behind the scene.

Photography requires skill and passion, it’s not just having that latest cameras and gears out there, you should also be buckled up with knowledge and mastery… and if you do that is clearly an edge to this feat. Anyone can be a photographer but it takes time to master. That is why workshops and photo shoots are provided for FILIPOS members.

Workshop day one.

Samuel Grado has his own photo studio in Philippines that he started after finishing his contract as EPS worker in Korea. He introduced basic photography, lightings, giving highlight to wedding and event photography and maintaining a photo studio.

Photo shoot on day two…(photo credit: Ericson Asuncion)

Having an owned business might be an ultimate dream of an overseas Filipino worker…. well, who doesn’t anyway? After long years of hard work and being away from our family we must have one to start with.

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