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Naejangsan Autumn Outing with FILIPOS, FEWA, and Zumba Group

Naejangsan or Naejang Mountain in Jeongeup-si, Jeollabuk-do is one of the five famous mountain in the Honam area. Originally called “Eungunsan” but apparently changed to Naejangsan considering “that many things are hidden in the mountain”.

View from the observatory.

This mountain is glorious and famous in all seasons throughout Korea, but most spectacular in autumn. The razzle-dazzle colors of fall foliage are what locals and foreigners behold.

The Lake.

And hence autumn is a marvelous season for exploring Korea, Filipino Communities comprised of FILIPOS, FEWA and Zumba group headed out to Naejangsan for autumn outing and together with the Philippine Ambassador to Korea himself, His Excellency Ambassador Raul S. Hernandez.

FILIPOS President Federic Aujero, Zumba ladies and His Excellency Ambassador Raul S. Hernandez (in the middle).

Our outing begun in a four hours bus travel to Jeollabuk-do leaving Seoul early morning of Sunday, November 6. As we head along and wander at the foot of the mountain…. the cool weather and the fascinating leaves in crimson and the colorful scenery are so amazing. Maple trees are not so tall that you can grab the leaves, insert yourself in between and take an epic picture.



Landscape photography is one of the interests of the members of FILIPOS, not only they capture stunning landscapes and sceneries but as we organize a trip en masse, we enjoy the beauty of nature, each others company and memories to cherish.

Happy faces (photo credit: Ericson Asuncion)


For once, FILIPOS embraced FEWA group, Zumba ladies and other nature lovers on this outing to Naejangsan. And so what do we expect? Loads and loads of fun, smiling faces, happy memories and hundreds of………. picture perfect moments!

Filipino EPS Workers Association (FEWA).

If you wanted to behold the beauty of this mountain, but no idea how to…hope this may help you. From Line 3, Express Bus Terminal Station, Honam line, take a bus to Jeongup. Travel time 3hours, bus start at 6:30am – 11:00pm. For train: Yongsan Station to Jeongup starts 5:20am – 11:10pm.

Group shot in a picture perfect moment.


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