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Sunrise and Sunset Spots In Korea

Watching sunrise is one of the cultures of Koreans. Locals flock together to the East coast, which is popular for the sunrise view and they wish for a good health and good luck while gazing the splendid rising of the sun.

There are lots of best places to which you can witness that everyday wonder, however the most popular one that not only locals rallied to but also the foreigners in Korea is the sunrise at Jongdongjin, Gangneung Gangwon-do.



New Year’s eve is celebrated here joyously at Morishigae or Hour Glass Park, they turn this huge hourglass to mark the changing of the year and waits for the historic sunrise.



How to get there: Take the Mongungwha train from Cheongnyangni Station to Jeongdongjin station. Travel time is 5 hours.


Samcheok beach has a wide range of white sand and pine trees. Locals also celebrate sunrise festival every New Year.G0081384.jpg


How to get there: Take an express bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal bound for Samcheok. Travel time 3 hours and 40 minutes. From Samcheok terminal take City bus #10 and get off at Pelis Hotel. Travel time is 30 minutes.


Haedong Yonggungsa Temple at Busan a temple along the shoreline with a breathtaking sunrise.DSC_5492How to get there: If you’re in Busan, take Busan Subway Line 2 get off at Haeundae Station exit 7 take bus 181 and get off at the the temple bus stop.


However, if you feel like just staying in Seoul and near places you still have these best spots.


Siheung Siwha Lake from Ansan station, take Bus 123 and get off at the next stop after K-water Show Lake.

Siwha Lake (photo by: Ericson Asuncion)


Siheung Gaetgol Eco Park an ecological park with a rare inner bay tidal channel.

Siheung Gaetgol Eco Park (photo by: Ericson Asuncion)

How to get there: Take Bus 30-7 or 61 from Ansan Station and get off at Eco Park.


And there they are!If you love gazing the sunrise, I’m pretty sure you’ll love the scenic sunset too.





Songdo Incheon Bridge

photo by Ericson Asuncion


How to get there: From Incheon line, get off at Central Park Station, exit 2. 

Siwha Lake

photo by Ericson Asuncion

Daebudo Tando Hang

photo by Ericson Asuncion

How to get there: From Ansan Station take Bus 123 get off at the last stop.

Enjoy your sunrise and sunset views!

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