Palace and fortress

Korean Folk Village, Odyssey to Korea’s Past

Korea is one among the countries in Asia with a rich history. At present this peninsula is a mishmash of modern technology and history, which exactly the reasons why Korea is one of the most visited countries in Asia.

The entrance of Korean Folk Village.

From well-preserved fortresses, impressive palaces in the middle of the city, historical sites, hanok villages to the state of the art buildings, appliances and gadgets that’s mesmerizing the people around the world.


Folk Village area

Korean Folk Village is no exception of this abounding history. It is in fact, one of a kind old village that is so popular among Koreans and foreigners. The village glory and prestige rooted from the Joseon dynasty, a Korean kingdom that lasted for approximately five centuries. A peaceful village encompassed by the Korean ancestor’s wisdom and wits.



Let us all be a time traveler and let’s start our odyssey


GOPR3480.jpgThis folk village is surrounded by mountains and typically facing a river with picturesque array of ginko and maple trees that’s so lovely especially this autumn season. The crimson colors and yellow leaves displayed a magnificent beauty of nature.

GOPR3422.jpgThese 240 acres of land is divided into four regions or villages that made us deeply admired the place: the Market Village; Amusement Village; Folk Village and Market Place.

GOPR3477.jpgFestivals, traditional events, art performances, exhibition halls and life scene experience are also not to be missed. And due to its well-preserved historical ambiance, this village became famous for filming Korean dramas and movies.

GOPR3455.jpgSituated 40 minutes away from Seoul, the village is a hassle-free place to travel.

GOPR3475.jpgIf you are from Seoul, take Bus 5001-1 from Line 2 Gangnam Station, exit 10. It takes 40 minutes with a fare of 2,500won.

GOPR3439.jpgFrom Suwon station, take bus no.37 or 10-5; from Jukjeon station bus no.30. The free shuttle bus ride is from Sanggal Station, Bundang line.

GOPR3469.jpgVisit Korea and don’t miss this village.





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