Palace and fortress

Changdeokgung Palace and Its Secret Garden

Changdeokgung Palace is the most unique Korean palace constructed way back 1405. Its exclusive landscapes and the secret garden were so popular and much visited than the other palaces in Seoul.

Changdeokgung’s main entrance.

It was my second time visiting this grand palace and yet my first time to take a glimpse of this famous secret garden. This garden was only betrothed to the king and royal family of the Joseon dynasty.

A pond used to be the resting area of the royal family.

As I walked through the walled alley, the maple leaves in fall colors are so stunning and it radiantly embellished the surroundings. Sixty percent of Changdeokgung Palace plenary embraces this secret garden. It took two hours of strolling and sightseeing for this part of this palace.

This alley is the entrance to the secret garden which is also where the tour will start.



The well-preserved pavilions, valley, pond and adorned buildings showed an enticing and delicate panoramic view. Giving you a feeling of being part of Korean history.


There are only a few structures inside the secret garden but the trees and ambiance are really amazing. I can imagine why the royal family made this haven only for them.

GOPR4476-01.jpegI strongly suggest that if you’re planning for a visit, wear hanbok, the Korean traditional dress, which are available for rent around the palace. This will give you one of a kind experience and in addition, you’re not going to pay for the entrance ticket, yes! It’s free in all palaces.

GOPR4518-01.jpeg Visiting this secret garden is only available with a guided and group tour, no one is allowed to go inside alone. Leaving the entrance at a scheduled time and no late admittance.

GOPR4533-01.jpegTours available at 11:30, 13:30, 14:30 and 15:30 for English speaking guide. Rather if you can understand Korean language well, it runs every hour from 10:00 to14:45.

GOPR4442-01.jpeg The admission cost for Changdeokgung Palace is 3,000won add 5,000 for the Secret Garden.



Fall is really wonderful and perfect weather for visiting these palaces in Seoul. Have fun strolling.



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