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International Forum On Migration, 2016 Seoul

The International Forum on Migration 2016, with the theme “ OF’s as Culture Bearers: Tunay na Malikhain, Matatag at Masipag.” was successfully held Sunday, November 27, 2016 at KEB Hana bank building, Euljiro station. More than 500 Filipinos from the group of students, professionals, workers and Korean spouses attended the event.

Attendees availing of the free services.

The forum was part of the observance of the International Migrants Day celebrated every 18th of December. As millions of Filipinos are spread out around the world as students, professionals, workers and immigrants it is to this day that their contributions and struggles are honored.

Heads of the agencies from the Philippines: DAWN/PMRW..DOLE..DOH.. and CFO with Ambassador Raul Hernandez (middle) and Ms. Jasmine Lee (in green).

Organized by the Inter-Agency Committee for the Month of Overseas Filipinos (IAF-MOF) and chaired by the Executive Director of the Development Action for Women Network (DAWN) Ms. Carmelita Nuqui and the current president of Philippine Migrants Rights Watch (PMRW). The coordination of Ms. Gennie Kim and partnered Filipino communities: Pinoy Iskolars sa Korea (PIKO), Filipino EPS Workers Association (FEWA), Filipino Photographers In South Korea (FILIPOS) and Filipino Korean Spouses Association (FKSA), and with the guidance of the His Excellency Ambassador Raul Hernandez of Philippine Embassy in Seoul, Ma’am Mila Pena of POLO/OWWA and Ms. Jasmine Lee made this event salutary to the Filipinos in Korea and outstanding one.

Ms. Cora Alvina and Prof. Stella Go.

This one-day activity brought a lot to the OF’s in Korea, from the speakers Ms. Cora Alvina that talked on “Filipinos Abroad as Culture Custodians, Keepers and Celebrators”, Prof. Stella Go on “The Overseas Filipinos: Their Enduring Filipino Values and Traits”, Ms. Jasmine Lee on “Multiculturalism in Culture, Arts and Politics” others who gave short talks are the representatives from Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE); Department of Health (DOH) and Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO).

Cultural Presentation of Hyewa-dong Community.

Attendees were also able to avail of the following services: NPS Counseling; Labor Attorney counseling; POEA BM Online registration; OWWA registration; PAG-IBIG Counseling; Land bank Financial Information and loans; Samsung Tigicom counseling; SSS membership and inquiries; and Health and acupuncture services. A film showing of the movie “IMBISIBOL” depicting the life and struggles of an immigrant was also part of the forum.

The film showing…”Imbisibol”

The presence of agency committees and directors on this forum are really appreciated. They not only made the Filipinos in Korea get to know them but also made them aware of the cultural influence in the global scene.

Ansan Filipino Taekwondo Association on their presentation.

Philippine history of migration was abundant. Filipinos are migrating overseas for different reasons and whatever those reasons are there is no denying that once you leave the Philippines you’ll be a culture bearer.

Guests and participants credit: Ericson Asuncion

And to this, Overseas Filipinos, wherever you are… we salute everyone for being malikhain, matatag at masipag! Be a Filipino that the Philippines will be proud of.

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