Seoul Series

Dragon Hill Spa & Resort and the Benefits of Sauna

In years of enduring winter in Seoul, I’m delighted that there are “jimjilbang” or saunas and spas around. A day spent in these steam rooms is absolutely ideal for days with a temperature dropping below zero degrees where everyone aches for a place to keep them warm.

….. this pathway will lead you to the entrance

Saunas and spas are colloquial in Korea where locals and foreigners can take pleasure year round. Regardless of age, everybody can go and experience the comfort and health benefits of this leisure. Babies as young as one year old (or sometimes below) are even allowed but of course with the care of an adult. Those cuties are fun to watch while running around actually.

…. hallway to were you should pay your entrance fee

First time to Korea and never been to sauna? Would you like to know why trying one rocks?

Well, simply because of these overwhelming health benefits: The heat from a steam rooms warms and relaxes our nerves and muscles. It relieves the tension and eases joint pain that causes to reduce stress. Quite enough reason to throw yourself in after a hard day work, right?

Much more, for a frequent visit it helps clear our skin and improves complexion and blood circulation. The extra sweating will result to weight loss as sweating removes toxins from our body.

…… keep your shoes here after paying and receiving your key

Thus, if you are experiencing from a sinusitis this warm steam will make your breathing clear giving you a sigh of relief. If you’re lucky to came in with only a few people find time to stretch in between the warm steam because it will increase your flexibility……and if you’re from heavy drinking the other night sauna helps cure a hang over 🙂

There you are smiling! Lots of saunas and spas can be seen around, as I mentioned it’s colloquial and it’s  been a part of health practices of Koreans, so basically you’ll find one in every corner.

But then you might want to try one of the popular in Seoul, this place is such a nice recommendation if you are looking for a place to stay overnight, the Dragon Hill Spa and Resort just beside Yongsan Station. It’s standing tall next to this big train station.

….. swimming pool during summer

Dragon Hill Spa and Resort has complete amenities with just the right price. Your 14,000won on weekend basis (weekdays are bit cheaper) will let you stay overnight (free sauna clothes), use the steam rooms and in case you’ll check it during summer too…. free entrance to swimming pool!GOPR0695.jpgCheck out for saunas and start pampering yourself.


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