Seoul Series

Cat Café @Myeongdong

Myeongdong is such a busy district in Seoul. It’s absolutely a foreigner destination with a lot to offer. From hotels, restaurants, shopping stores, museums, famous landmarks, street foods and even a home of unique cafés.20160424_173938.jpgThemed cafés is booming in Korea. An ample gazette of this trendy places are worthy to visit not just because you love coffee but the ambiance of their unique motif will satisfy you.20160424_171857.jpg Hello Kitty Cafe  was no denying a darling. The dog café was more of a bantam for me. Those different breeds of dogs from smallest to the biggest scares me a little, that’s why I watched those in a distance. However, I guarantee you it’s an awesome place for dog lovers.

Then, I choose to haunt this cat café, actually this is the second cat café that I’d been in Myeongdong. The first one was the Attic Cat café.20160424_170543.jpgThis cat café is a bit bigger and with more cats walking around, jumping on table and sleeping in every corner. So adoring! Furry, skinny, thin, bulgy stomachs, big eyes and small eyes …… they’re too cute to ignore!

I’m not an animal wooer honestly, but watching and caressing those cuties while sipping my coffee was quiet a relief, it brings hush to my spirit.

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Your 9,000 Korean won entrance fee for this café is inclusive of one coffee and you can be able to play with those cats and take pictures that will please you.


Cats and coffee I guess is not a bad idea if you’re looking for a place to hang out.






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