Seoul Series

Ttukseom Resort Sledding

Ttukseom resort and park is a popular place in Seoul for its public swimming pools every summer. It’s the biggest and the most accessible resort in Seoul. This resort is overlooking the Hanggang Park with lots of recreational activities.


This is also one of my favorite parks. Camping, biking, picnic or just simply strolling on summer and fall can be enjoyed very much in here.

GOPR5447.jpgBut did you know that you could also have fun here during winter? Indeed, my answer is yes!

GOPR5425.jpgTtukseom holds an annual winter event right in the swimming pool areas. It has a snow sledding where young kids and adult can enjoy. The slopes aren’t that high actually but you’ll surely have fun sledding. Which I did!

GOPR5392.jpgThere are also other activities around for the younger ones to experience and the older ones to try.

GOPR5444.jpgThe entrance will cost you 6,000won for whole day sledding. Opens at 9:00 am to 5:00pm.


To visit Ttukseom in winter take Line 7 and get off at Ttukseom Park station, exit 2.










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