Seoul Series

Kakao Friends Store and Café in Hongdae

Kakao talk is the top mobile app messenger in Korea. The Kakao Friends emojis and characters are a bunch of giggles that brought a smile to those app users.

GOPR5306.jpgAnd speaking of friends, our New Year celebration ended up in this Kakao Friends store and café in Hongdae. The store was jammed packed of people shopping for a souvenir and picture takings.


Every item in the store are so perky specially those big items. The life size figures of Groovy Jay-G, a secret agent; Tube, the duck; Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; Frodo, the brown dog; Neo, an urban cat and the love interest of Frodo; Apeach, a sexy peach; and Muzi and sidekick Con.


Collectible stuffs such as dolls, key chains, notebooks, chocolates, mugs, pillows and a lot of things to choose from are extremely hooking. And I took home my favorite Neo in key chain.

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My New Year was indeed happy and in high spirits with good friends and consumed time in Kakao Friends Store.


This character store is gaining popularity in Korea. You can find one on those famous tourists shopping places in Seoul and throughout Korea. However, if your heading to Hongdae it is in between exit 8 and 9 of Hongik University Station.


The store is up to third floor with a cafe on top.



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