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Love Museum Seoul

Museums are skyrocketing in Seoul and all are worth visiting. From Korea’s natural history to modern history collections, 3D arts, crafts, animation characters, science and even a simple passion collections are housed in a way that locals and visitors are able to learn and know.

Stopping over in one of those makes my weekend complete. I’d been to various museums in Seoul and this one that we’ve recently visited, the Love Museum in Hongdae, was literally unique.GOPR5353.jpg


Love Museum’s main theme is about love and sex. And absolutely no kids allowed since it isn’t the usual museum with a display suited for general public. What you can see is a presentation of colorful artworks that will probably fire up your inner desire.GOPR5338.jpg

This gallery allows its visitors to know how the alchemy of eroticism and art in an entertaining groove. Yep, that’s exactly how it sounds!GOPR5369.jpg

As this quotation hanged on the wall says, “Do what you love, love what you do”, touring this unique museum was just witty. The 3D art displays are perky and taking photos was a dare, yet we did had an amusing day.GOPR5371.jpg


The entrance will just cost you 8,000won. The staff will give you a pair of glasses that will cover your face if you feel shy to take photos.GOPR5375.jpg

Love Museum is stationed on the same building of the popular Trick Eye Museum and Ice Museum. Take subway to Hongik University Station…head to exit 9. Walk straight and turn left right after McDonald. Cross the road in front of H&M and you can see the building from there.GOPR5339.jpg

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