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Sledding Hills and Ice Skating Rinks in Seoul

Winter is still making its way and while everyday is getting colder and nighttime is freezing, we are then braving this weather to the warmest that we can. Staying indoors is not the main turn of this season,  how to spend time outdoors is the game.

Largely of Korean children anticipates winter season not only because of the snowfall but also the winter activities in a wide selection. So, though it’s really freaking chilly and freezing outdoors the leisure activities and winter events will warm you up.


Of the various activities, sledding and skating are the most popular and easy. The gliding over the snow hills and across the rinks is exhilarating. GOPR5635.jpg

Sledding hills and skating rinks are accessible in Seoul to the convenience of public transportations.GOPR5622.jpg

Here is my list of the sledding hills and skating rinks that we visited and absolutely had a great time.

  1. Ttukseom Resort Sledding Hill. It has two slopes for young kids and adults and other winter activities to do. Located at Ttukseom Park Station, line 7, exit 2. Opens from 10:00 to 5:00pm. One day pass of 6,000won.
tubes for sledding
  1. Korean Children’s Center Snow Sledding Field. A huge winter park with two slopes, 4D rider, tube car, rides and souvenir shops. Located at exit 2 of Children’s Grand Park Station, line 7. Walk for 10 minutes and turn left before the pedestrian. Follow the sign when you get through the entrance. Opens from 10:00 to 7:00pm and until February 19, 2017. One day pass of 10,000won.

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  1. Yeouido Park. Inside the park is a sledding hill and with skating rink as well. Opens from 10:00am to 9:30pm. Yeouido Station, exit 5. Walk straight to the entrance of the park.


  1. Olympic Park. It has a skating rink behind the Olympic Peace gate of Mongchontoseong Station, exit 1.

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Winter events and festivals are held in a short period, make sure you’ll not miss this wintery fun.

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