FilComs to Know


Ice fishing is one great outdoor activity in winter. It’s a festival that locals and foreigners look forward to in this season and the most popular is Hwacheon Sancheono Ice festival in Gangwon-do.

People fishing over the frozen river.

Staying outdoors with a negative temperature is really a combat especially to overseas Filipinos, as we are from tropical country and used to hot weather. However, it is the most exciting when it comes to outdoor activities in Korea.DSC09952.jpg

Hence, the winter leisure activities are absolutely amusing to try. The snowfall, not to mention, will always leave you in an awe even to those working and living in Korea for a long time.DSC09966.jpg

Leaving Seoul as early as 8:00am of Sunday, January 22 with friends from Filipino EPS Workers Association (FEWA), Filipino Photographers In South Korea (FILIPOS) and other members of Filipino community brimming with excitement to experience fishing on a frozen river made everyone zestful.SONY DSC

And so, the blast begins upon entering the fishing site and got prepared with the fishing gear. The smile on our faces was as bright as the sun that day.

Grilled trout for lunch so fresh and delicious.

However, it isn’t a piece of cake. Some caught fish in no time while others took a long time. The cheer and glee every moment that someone caught a trout, the name of the fish, was certainly bodacious. The teasing and joking to those who weren’t able to have  a single catch made our day and absolutely no dull moment.DSC00001.jpg

We also look around the world’s largest indoor ice sculpture plaza. The grand display of world famous structures carved in ice and colorfully lighted was impressive. It even have that ice slide were kids and even adults played freely._MG_2514.jpg


Certainly, we had an exceptional winter adventure with remarkable members of Filipino community.… till next season!

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