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Rice Gift Giving of Filipino Photographers In South Korea to Camarines Sur

It was on the evening of Christmas when Bicol region was slammed by typhoon Nina. Packed with strong winds and heavy rain caused the people to leave their homes and moved to evacuation centers.

Typhoon Nina aftermath.

Typhoon Nina lambasted the entire Camarines Sur with a storm signal number four, the highest storm signal as far as I remember, leaving behind extensive destruction. Houses without roofs, signboards smashed, tress crumbled on the roads, light posts knocked down on the ground causing a massive black out are some of what the typhoon was left out.

Rice distribution

The sight of the typhoon’s aftermath on the social media, to which I depend for the news, was unimaginable. So much more when I saw the condition of my hometown and our own house, it was beyond my grasp.


It is to this predicament that my fellow FILIPOS members offered their generous help. A fund raising was initiated and the collection was decided to buy rice and distributed to those families in my baranggay affected largely by the typhoon.


Receiving 3 kilos of rice, a total of 82 families of Zone 2A Sta.Rosa Del Norte, Pasacao, Camarines Sur were the recipient of this project which was doled out on January 31st, 2016.


FILIPOS had been extending help to its members and to some cases non-members too, even before. We share to the best that we can. The supportive growing family of FILIPOS is the family away from home of each and every member.


Kudos FILIPOS for a job well done!

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