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Carrot Man “Jeyrick Sigmaton” in Korea

Netizens went crazy when facebook user Edwina Bandong posted several photos of the good-looking “Carrot Man” on the social media site, Facebook. Jeyrick’s photo trended on Twitter too with the hashtag Carrot Man and people noticed that he looks exactly like the Korean superstar, Jang Geun Suk.

Jeyrick Sigmaton “Carrot Man” upon arrival at Zumbar. (photo credit: Jayson dela Torre)

His photos were eventually taken to the Instagram by some netizens and they even expressed their admiration to him. More and more netizens were captured by his good looks and took even the media by storm.

Carrot man and the guests from Philippine Embassy. (photo credit: Jayson dela Torre)

And I guess that’s how his journey in the modeling begins. The next photos uploaded over the social media were a whole new “Carrot Man”. And netizens went even crazier over his photogenic pictures.

Group picture with the Filipino community. (photo credit: Mherl Mhar Jara)

His popularity in the Philippines is now widespread to the Filipinos abroad. That means, overseas Filipinos also know who’s the famous “Carrot Man”. Nevertheless, Filipinos in Korea didn’t assume that a meet and greet with this “Carrot Man” could be possible.

Vince Ganda (comedian/singer) and Carrot man. (photo credit: Mherl Mhar Jara)

On the 28th of January 2016, The Cordillera Brotherhood Organization (CBO) in South Korea, organized an event called “Dang-dang ay” which means “get together” held at Zum Bar, Namyeong Station, Seoul.

Cultural presentation with Jeyrick Sigmaton. (photo credit: Jayson dela Torre)

And there we go, not only meet and greet but the photo ops in addition. And because it was holiday in the entire peninsula, large crowd of Filipinos from Seoul and even from the farthest Gwangju province were present on that day.

On his song number. (photo credit: Mherl Mhar Jara)

CBO invited Jeyrick Sigmaton here in Korea, and cheers to that CBO!, as their honored guest for Dang-dang ay. As we all know he is from Cordillera. Certainly he has that good looks and in like manner has that Korean look. Moreover, “Carrot Man” rendered a song and played the guitar as well. The crowd couldn’t get over with his charms.

His photo shoot the day after the Dang-dang ay at Hanok Village, Chungmuro, Seoul. (photo credit: Norman Lauson)

How I wish there was that dating game to excite the crowd even more… lols! Anyhow, seeing “Carrot Man” in person was something to remember.





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