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Hwacheon Sancheono Ice Fishing Festival

Hwacheon Sancheono Ice fisihing is a winter festival in Korea that you must not miss when visiting this season. It is an annual fair that’s absolutely enjoyable. Located at Hwacheon Sancheono, Gangwon-do province.


Chosen as one of the seven wonder of the world, by CNN. Your adventure of ice fishing will be one of a kind and on my third time it’s still certainly titillating. Ice fishing may look like as easy as a pie, choose a hole, drop the fishing bait, move that fishing rod lightly up and down and wait till the fish bite your bait. Kind of easy isn’t it?


But mind you… it isn’t! Urgh! It’s a game of luck. I moved from hole to hole and an hour before I got my first trout (the name of the fish). While others, my friends with me, they caught fishes in no time.


Each foreigner fishing can only take home three trouts, utmost. The fishing entrance costs 8,000won this year and 5,000won for the fishing rod that you also can take it home.


You can also have those fishes for your lunch in the festival area. There is a grilling area next to the fishing spot or if you want it raw they’ll prepare it in sushi style on a 2000won charge for each piece of trout. It’s mouthwatering and has savory taste.


Lunch done? If you are planning to stay whole day in the festival, there are other events and attractions to try. The festival holds bare hand fishing, lure fishing, ice sledding, figure skating, bobsleigh and they even have the winter sports available such as the ice soccer, ice hockey and ice badminton in a sitting position… sounds interesting right?


Hwacheon also had its world’s largest indoor ice sculpture plaza…the Illumination Plaza. For an admission of 3,000won, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the world’s famous structures all carved on ice and colorfully lighted.


This year, the festival started January 14 and will last until February 5 only. If you still want to take your chance check out for those Korean group tours heading to this festival, they will give you a swift ride, save your time and effort looking for the place and after all, they all have a reasonable price.


However if you want on your own, Hwacheon is about an hour and 20 minutes from Sangbong station to Chuncheon. From there, cross the street and take the bus at the bus stop to Hwacheon (not sure if how long is the interval and how long to take you there).


There you are, happy fishing!



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