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Princess Diary Café Seoul

Princess Diary Café is a café in Seoul that is far different from all those cafés where I had been. Cuteness overloads in this teensy-weensy place. It’s so charming and certainly a cozy place.



What makes it unique is that this café will transform you into a princess…yep! Your princess dream will finally come true here. This café offers a ready to wear gowns for rent fit for princesses that includes shoes to tiaras. They even have a lot of headdresses to choose from.


You can rent the gowns from 10,000won – 40,000won depending on your choice and they also have a wide selection of Hanbok, the Korean traditional dress for an hour or so of photo ops inside the café. Their collection of gowns are mostly white but in certainly adorable designs.20170204_140216.jpg



Korean staffs are so kind and will assist you in changing and even can be your photographers. They just have this policy that every visitors must order a drink. Drinks and beverages ranges from 5,000 up.

20170204_143159.jpg 20170204_142539.jpg

Our visit just made our afternoon enchanting we just had tons of memorable photos and unforgettable princess like stories. If you wanted to pay a visit drag along your boyfriend for they also have tuxedo’s available and you’ll have your prince beside you. It’s absolutely perfect for couples too.


Princess Diary Café is located in Ehwa University Station, line 2, exit 3. You just have to walk straight and turn right on the second corner. It’s just a few steps right from the corner and use the stairs on your right before the Spoon Race restaurant and head to the 3rd floor.

Enjoy your day princesses.




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