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Teseum, Teddy Bear Theme Park and Mirror Maze

Teddy bears are the most loved stuffed toy not only by the younger ones but even the grown ups. If you can’t get enough of that bear sitting in your room, then perhaps visiting Teseum, will excite you.


It was the second day of Chinese New Year holiday when I visited this theme park, expecting lots and lots of teddy bears of course, in different shapes, colors and sizes.


Undoubtedly, my expectations met the reality….. plus more! Teseum’s display of teddy bears is in a way you’re not going to foresee. We’ll honestly I thought it will just gonna be an ordinary museum and photo ops in an accustomed manner but certainly not. It’s huge, literally in contrary to the small entrance, and awesome!


For teddy bear lovers, Teseum will give you the very best of your visit. Teddy bears are premium quality handmade, soft to touch and designs are outstanding.

The entire theme park is divided into different sections: how to make the teddy bear section; Korean traditions; winter island; under the sea; fantasy; safari adventure and adopt a bear or the souvenir shop. All with life-sized huggable teddy bears.

The hugeness of the place indeed surprised me. I thought I’ll be spending less than an hour for this but it takes longer for me to take the tour.

The Mirror Maze was also entertaining. Finding your way out was so fun and extending my arms making sure that I’ll not bump into the mirror really made me laugh out loud. The end of the maze will lead you to the entrance of the teddy bear them park.


Teseum in Seoul is located in Line 6, Dongmyo station, exit 6…just a few steps from the station. The admission cost 14,500won for adults and 11,500won for kids both for Teseum + Mirror Maze. offers discounted prize if you booked with them.



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