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Alive Museum in Seoul

Another art illusion museum in Seoul is located in Insa-dong, a street filled with traditional stores, galleries, themed café, and restaurants. Fused with historical and modern ambience making it one of the popular tourist destinations in Seoul.



Alive Museum is another art gallery that has it’s own differentness. The displays of more than a hundred showpieces will set forth your imagination to run wild.



Optical illusions are wonderful that taking pictures is so much fun. Following the photo points to get the best pose was truly challenging.



Black Wonder Land, inspired from the Disney animation Alice in Wonderland was so pretty cool. As we enter from the wide door, the room looks smaller and smaller as you walk towards the middle and you’ll find yourself bending because you will not fit in. An absolute amusing experience!



The black room will then lead you to a room with another wonder. A passage surrounded with mirrors that looks like no boundaries. Carpeted with snow like landscape and flowing lights. This one’s a path perfect for lovers I guess.



I especially admired the fairy tale concept, dimly lighted yet with luminous effect.



Alive Museum admission costs 12,000won the same with the Dynamic Maze but you can avail of their discount if you’ll take the Action package that costs 18,000won only. We run out of time so we weren’t able to try he Dynamic maze, but definitely I will try sooner.



Angguk Station Line 3, exit 6, walk straight and turn left on the corner of the Tourist information. Walk ahead into the Insa-dong alley until you see the Starbucks and it’s a few steps away.



It opens from 9:00 to 8:30pm.








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