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FILIPOS: Basic Camera Setting and Photo Manipulation Workshop by Norman Lauson

Learning the basic is primitive and in the art of photography if you want to carry off, it is essential to know the fundamentals and everything about your accomplices, camera and Photoshop!


photo credit: Kuki Nil

Your camera, whatever brand you have hanging there in your neck will be useless if one doesn’t know how it’s entire complexities works. And agree with me or not, learning these basic camera settings is a pain in the butt! How much more if you want to acquire the skills of photo manipulation? Well, tell me:)


For Filipino Photographers in South Korea, sharing skills and knowledge when it comes to camera settings and photo editing is one of its undertakings. Nonetheless, each member who may be acquainted with the basics of this hobby that they choose, still ensure that learning new craft is a must.


Evidently, the workshop conducted by Norman Lauson, an active FILIPOS member, hard-working EPS worker and a freelance photographer and videographer, was an affirmation of its members’ interest of the field.17036151_1773403712986916_1197301904_o.jpgThe workshop was a day activity at Hana Darin Damunwha Center held last February 26, 2017 from 9:00 to 4:00pm and was actively and well participated. Members and even non-members were welcomed.


Photo manipulation was one of the topic and it is where the excitement uproar. Manipulating photos is another vital in this bailiwick and to blend in you must know how to use the Photoshop software. In this manner, the skills and knowledge shared by Norman Lauson was indeed greatly appreciated by all.


Norman Lauson.. photographer & videographer

As the cold weather subsides in Korea, FILIPOS is here again getting ready for the spring photo shoots. Time to practice what was learned in this workshop. If you’re interested to join and learn about photography from the pioneering photography club in Korea, send us a message and we’ll gladly welcome you.



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