Seoul Series

Understand Avenue at Seoul Forest

115 recycled container box are filed up artistically on exit 3 of Seoul Forest Station, it’s a stand out mall filled with unique stores, restaurants and café, the Understand Avenue.




Understand Avenue is a creative socio-cultural space with seven stands showcasing Korea’s culture, whereas: (1) youth stand, (2) social stand, (3) open stand, (4) art stand, (5) heart stand, (6) mom stand and (7) power stand.




Each and every zone offers a diverse opportunities for Korean aspiring entrepreneurs to show off their businesses.Eco friendly and worth visiting.



The architectural designs of these unique spaces is attracting the park passers and make them feel in a totally different shopping experience. Moreover those cute pandas around are so irresistible especially the giant one in the center.



It isn’t a big place to explore, though stopping by before heading to Seoul Forest Park is a great adventure in Seoul.





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