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Yangpyeong Rail Bike

Rail biking is popular in Korea especially in the countryside. They turn old railways into this attraction giving the riders an experience of a distinct recreational activity and to take a glimpse of the stunning sceneries. Landscapes of Korea’s countryside are precisely remarkable.


Yangpyeong rail bike is a 400m ride and approximately an hour. Without expecting any special thing to this ride, since we only planned to visit the popular Dreamy Camera Café, surprisingly it was completely enjoyable.


The river view alongside the rail track was splendid. Wintery weather was still on the air yet it didn’t spoil our day.


As we started to cycle forward and tried to maintain, as instruction a 10meter gap from the bike ahead of us, a cameraman waiting on the vegetable tunnel called out “cheese” and so a big smile flashed on our faces. He took photos to all the riders and the printed photos costs 5,000won, simply a souvenir.



There’s also this long illuminated tunnel ahead and it is half way to the turning point of the rail bike. We were told to get off and rest for 10minutes at the turning point station where riders can buy something to eat and drink while the staff positioned the rail bikes going back.


Rail bike ticket:

2 persons (couple) > 25,000won

4 persons (family) > 32,000won


Schedule: (Make sure to check this out so you’ll not waste time.)

January to December: 9:00; 10:30; 12:00; 13:30; 15:00; and 16:30.

However on May 1- 31 and July 20 – August 20 they will operate an additional schedule: 18:00 and 19:30.


Yangpyeong Rail bike is just an hour travel from Seoul. We took the train from Sangbong Station, the Jungnang Line and get off at Yongmun Station. From exit 2, walk straight on your left for nearly 10minutes until you see the road that leads to the entrance.

Follow this way to find the information.It’s on your left side.


If you want an additional itinerary, you can also check out the famous Dreamy Camera Café. Take a taxi and just show the address to the driver. It is popular in the area so they know where to take you. It will take another 10minutes and approximately 15,000won ride.



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