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Café Majo and Sady

Majo and Sady are love team emoticon characters originally from the webtoon and now popular in Kakao Talk messaging app. This character café is another nippy pit stop in Seoul.



Piled up huggable Majo (the brown bear) and Sady (the white rabbit) dolls will greet you upon entering that taking “selfies” will definitely impossible to resist. A souvenir corner is also inviting with lots of cute items to buy.



This coffee bar offers desserts and sweets a little pricy compared to usual café, but served in an adorable way.


Tables were occupied on the first floor so we headed to the second floor and found it bigger. Lucky enough the place was not packed with people.

Take the elevator to the second floor


A long table with Majo and Sady characters sitting on both ends was a pleasant sight feels like an afternoon delight.




This café stands just behind the Dongdaemun Design Plaza. You can easily find it from exit 3 of Dongdaemun History and Culture Park, Seoul subway lines 2,4 & 5, it’s on the opposite road, walk on your right along the sidewalk and cross at the first pedestrian.


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