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Geoje Island, welcoming spring in the “Blue City”

It was early spring last year when we visited Geoje island, the second largest island in the Korean peninsula, after Jeju. Dubbed as the “Blue City” because of its almost boundless calm blue sea. This island has an absolute breathtaking scenery of mountains and ocean, the most pleasant sight that I always wanted to see.

Hakdong Mongdol Pebble Beach

Our two-day tour as I remembered, was one of those great trips I’ve made outside Seoul. Exploring the countryside is a great adventure for a foreigner in Korea. Though Seoul and other nearby provinces has a lot to offer for visitors, the countryside is incomparable.

Windy Hill

And not to mention the “gang” that I traveled with, photo ops, laughter and happy memories are always the things we treasured no matter how far we go. We did had a really good time welcoming the spring in this island.

The Blue Ocean from the observatory.

Located on the southern coast of Gyeongsangnam-do province, South Korea and connected to Busan by a bridge, this place is an hours away from Seoul city, yet the travel is rewarding as the scenery are one of a kind.
Here are the places we visited.


Windy Hill. A name given by visitors because of its sea breeze. It has a huge European theme windmill overlooking the sea. This place has also became a popular drama locations. Wind and people are everywhere. Visitors even go down to the seaside stepping thru the rocks. Indeed a splendid ocean view!



Direction: (by bus)
From Express Bus Terminal in Seoul, take an express bus bound for Gohyeon Bus Terminal.
-Take a taxi to the venue (25.4 km/ around 45 min)


Sinseondae Cliff & Observatory. It offers an amazing shaped rocks facing the blue ocean. Rocks are layered in blue and yellow colors. Locals believed that the cliff is somewhat connected to “supernatural beings”. The sunset view was glorious in this spot.



Direction: It is 10-minute on foot from Windy Hill.


Hakdong Mongdol Beach. Famous for beach goers and campers every summer. What makes this beach different from the others beaches in the peninsula? Small black pebbles can be seen here and not the usual beach sand. The waves are like music to the ear when it hits the seashore. The water is clear and clean.


Directions: (by Bus)
From Geojae Bus Terminal, take bus 56, 67 towards Hakdong Pebble Beach.

Local Transportation
At Geojae Bus Terminal, take a local bus towards Hakdong Pebble Beach.
At Gohyeon or Jangseongpo, take a local bus to Hakdong Pebble Beach.


Geoje island is also surrounded by spring flowers and eventually beautiful. Plan ahead for your spring trip this time the weather is becoming warmer every day.

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