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Flower Festival in Goyang, Lake Park

Goyang International Flower festival is an annual festivity in the city of Goyang at Ilsan Lake Park. Millions of flowers are arranged and displayed artistically from all over the world that aims to promote the flower industry.




Visitors can buy flowers and watch performances during the festival. This annual event will start April 28th to 14th of May this year and with the same entrance fee of 8,000won – 10,000won. Tickets can be purchased on the ticket booth before the gate.




This flower festival is the biggest among the spring festivals in Korea. I’d been visiting here for years in a row and I’m always fascinated by the way the flowers were arranged. Colorful and diverse flower species from different countries are so fascinating.




Every year has a different theme or concept for the flowers and pavilion arrangements, and every year is worth to see. I certainly had tons of photos and beautiful memories from this far-out festival.




Goyang City is just an hour away from Seoul. You can reach the Lake Park easily thru public transportation. The easiest one is thru the subway, this is to avoid you of getting lost. Take line 3, the orange line, get off at Jeongbalsan station exit 2. Walk to the direction of Lake Park for 5 minutes.

*All pictures were taken 2016.

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