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Line Friends Cafe and Store in Seoul

And who’s not going to fall on this huge adorable brown bear sitting cozily waiting for passers to sit on his lap? I bet you too will take a second look and fall in line for a selfie photo, just like we did, the kids and other grown ups.

Brown and Sally

This character’s name is Brown from the mobile messenger app, LINE. Brown and friends are the friendly character stickers turned to a crowd-pleasing global brand loved by all ages.

Choco, Brown’s sister
Brown and Edward

Other characters are: Cony, Brown’s love interest, Moon, James, Sally, Leonard, Jessica, Boss, Edward, Choco and Pangyo and friends.

Cony and Leonard

LINE FRIENDS CHARACTERS are invading not only the mobile messaging world but further the real world too.



With over 5,000 character products available in store and themed café, there is no doubt that these characters are well loved.


There are several locations of this store and café in Korea. I’ve been able to visit one in Myeongdong and the other at Garuso-gil both with people lining up. I guess every store goers can’t get enough of these amazing characters for souvenir.



All store products are so lovable that choosing a perfect souvenir is baffling. I ended up taking home Moon and Leonard mini dolls.



Brown cookie and Cony macaroon was a good match for my chocolate drink too, though it took me time to decide either I’m going to take a bite or not because of its adorable cuteness.



Line Friends in Myeongdong is at exit 6 of Myeongdong Station Line 4, turn left at Nature Republic and walk straight it’s on your left.



Another is at Garuso-gil, Sinsa Station Line 3, exit 8. Walk straight until you see the sign to Garuso street. Take the left turn before the crossing and walk straight about 3 minutes. It’s on your left.

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