Seoul Series

Dream Forest in Seoul

Dream Forest is located at Bun-dong, Gangbuk-gu Seoul. Previously known as “Odong Geullin Park” and the fourth largets park in Seoul before Seoul Forest, OlympicPark and World Cup.  It houses 8 major attractions that you’ll surely like when you visit.


From the east gate, the visitor’s center is surrounded by a dainty landscape of small flowers that welcomes the spring season. Inside is a display of Dream Forest Story. You’ll get to know also its history.



If you walk straight, you’ll pass by the History Garden with old Korean houses that is well-maintained. In my previous visit to this park I’ve always seen a coupe having their pre-nuptial pictorial here. Either they were wearing a wedding dress or the Korean traditional dress, hanbok.



Bamboo Forest next to History Garden.

On summer days, the Moon Reflecting Pond is a great landscape and the fountain in the middle of this pond gives a refreshing and cool breeze to the visitors. I like this area a lot. You can see your own reflection on this pond.




The Cultural Plaza is the place where children and adults spend time most, because water fountain is available to all for water games. It has a playground, fountain and a pond that kids love to play around.



Cheonggundapwon or Lawn Plaza is a spacious green field which visitors put up tent on a perfect weather. It has a huge wood swing.




The Iris Garden was renovated to a performance hall. Often it holds concerts and other performances for public. A restaurant and café are also available.



Dream Forest Arts Center has a display of diverse pieces of art and an Observatory, a drama ‘IRIS’ was filmed here, when you’re on the top a fantastic view of Bukhan Mountain, Dobong Mountain and Surak Mountain to the north, while Namsan tower and Hangang River to the south can be seen.





Evidently surrounded by densely forested mountains of Byeogo Mountain and Opae Mountain, Dream Forest provides diverse attractions to visitors. This park is just perfect for a stroll on a perfect sunny day. You’ll have a lot things to do here. You can bring your tent and spend the rest of the day relaxing.


A rainbow appears after the rain while we were at the observatory.

This park also has Botanical garden and Deer garden.

Direction to Dream Forest Seoul: (Get off on Dream Forest bus stop)

Line 1  Wolgye Station, Exit 2 get on Blue bus 147 for about 8min.

Line 1  Seokgye Station, Exit 7 cross the street, take Seongbuk Bus 14 for 10min.

Line 4 Mia Samgeori Station, Exit 1 get on Gangbuk Bus 09 or Gangbuk Bus 11 for 10 min.

Line 6 Dolgoji Station Exit 3 get on Bus 147 for about 6min.


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